Jan-Willem Burgers

About Me

I recently completed my Ph.D. dissertation at the Australian National University's School of Philosophy. It explores the use of chance devices, or "lotteries," in the distribution of scarce goods and public roles, both from an empirical and a normative perspective.   

My main areas of interest are game and rational choice theory, interpretations of probability, social epistemology, political theory, and ethics.‚Äč

Before joining the ANU, I attained a master's degree in economics from the Tinbergen Institute and a degree in political science from Leiden University.  I also taught at Leiden University's political science department and worked as an English teacher in Yunnan, China. 

I have also been working as a translator and editor since 2002, and am the owner of Burgers Editing and Translation Services. We provide editing services for English texts, and translate from a select number of languages into English.