Jan-Willem Burgers

Editing and Translation Services


Albion Language Services is a small agency that focuses on providing editing services for English texts, as well as translation services into English from a select number of languages. We specialize in supporting writers of academic and policy-related texts. 

Please find a description of our editing and translation services below, as well as a table with our rates. We accept payment in euros as well as in digital currencies.  


We charge € 40 per hour for editing services. Editing speed can range anywhere from 750 to 2000 words per hour. For longer texts, we can if desired provide a global estimate of total project costs based on an initial sample. We offer three main editing services:  

Proofreading. With proofreading your text will be examined for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. 

Copy editing. In addition to proofreading the text, suggestions on improving the readability of your text are also provided with copy editing. You will, for instance, be given advice about word use and terminology, sentence construction, and the organization of your paragraphs. You will also be provided with advice about style and layout. Students and academics can be advised on citation practices.

Substantive editing. With substantive editing you will be given even more substantial changes with regards to the form of your text than with copy editing. You will also be given suggestions and comments to enhance the substance and content of your text.


We offer translation services from a limited number of languages into English. Clients will receive exact quotes for translation projects based on the length, quality, and difficulty of the source text, as well as the source language. For our rates, please consult the table below. 

​Speed of translation generally ranges between 1,500 to 3,000 words per day dependant on the quality and difficulty of the source text.


We offer set discounts on our translation rates dependent on the length of the source text. The basic rates for translation below are for texts under 5,000 words. Texts between 5,000 and 10,000 words receive a set discount of € 0.01 per word. Texts over 10,000 words receive a set discount of € 0.02 per word. 

Minimum fee per assignment
€ 40
Editing services
€ 40 per hour
Translations from Azerbaijani (basic rate)
€ 0.12 per word – € 0.18 per word
Translations from Dutch (basic rate)
€ 0.10 per word – € 0.16 per word
Translations from French (basic rate)
€ 0.10 per word – € 0.16 per word
Translations from Norwegian (basic rate)
€ 0.10 per word – € 0.16 per word
Translations from Polish (basic rate)
€ 0.10 per word – € 0.16 per word
Translations from Russian (basic rate)
€ 0.12 per word – € 0.18 per word
Basic rate discount texts 5,000 to 10,000 words
€ 0.01 per word
Basic rate discount texts more than 10,000 words
€ 0.02 per word

​These rates are exclusive of VAT (21% in the Netherlands). We accept payment by bank transfer and by bitcoin, dogecoin, and blackcoin.